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Monday, July 18, 2011

Our Weekend in Cartersville - Georgia

Hi Everyone,

Well we are down south now, we had a good run to Cartersville from Greenville but it rained most of the way. We were getting a bit worried as we were planning to go to the local Rodeo – so we didn’t want it to rain for that.

Driving through Atlanta Georgia

We got to town about lunchtime; we called into Hooters for lunch.
Our waitress was a lovely young girl named Cheyenne. She had the strongest southern accent!
But would you believe she loved our accent! She told us she had always wanted to go to Australia and kept coming over to us every chance she had to hear us talk :) She even brought over a local customer to meet us that had been to Australia! So we had a chat to him about his visit – He loved Perth the best! Then he told us a bit about himself he had been in the Armed Forces for 30 years and had retired to Cartersville!

It was a very enjoyable lunch. I gave Cheyenne our Blog address so if you are looking Cheyenne:

“G’day how ya going?”

After lunch we did a bit of shopping and then checked into the Motel. The rain had stopped so that was good. We headed off to the Rodeo about 6.30 it wasn’t far from the Motel.

As we had only been to one Rodeo before –(Litchfield NT) we just wanted to go to a small country town one to get the feel of it. There were Camel rides for the kids, a Petting Zoo, Bouncy castle and a small slingshot ride.

We grabbed a hot dog and a drink and headed for the stands. There were quite a few people there; the rodeo has been going for about 30 years in Cartersville Bartow County Georgia.

What did amaze us was how many young guys chew tobacco! And the disgusting spitting everywhere! You had to be careful walking behind them! Even sitting on the stands.

The night started off with a prayer and the National Anthem – We are blown away by Americans Patriotism, its great!

There was a parade of the flags, and then all the Entrants did a lap of honour!



It started off With Bucking Horses – I have learnt that it is extremely hard to take good photos at a rodeo! But we will show you the not so bad ones:)

Then it was roping the calfs:

We were entertained in between events by the Rodeo Clown:

They even got the kids involved; they had to pull ribbons of a calf’s tail! Quite a few kids got bowled over by the calves!

We had a pretty good night. It was a 2 day Rodeo so we had another night to look forward too!

On Saturday Dave drove to a nearby town of Dalton for a gun show – I stayed back and did the washing He said it was amazing all the Guns, Pistols, AK47’s, Silences & knives. People walking around with guns to sell. (He said “Bloody Customs” wont Let  him bring them back – neither will I)

After he got back we went shopping at an Outlet Shopping Centre and got quite a few bargains! My kind of Fun!

After dinner we went to the 2nd night of the Rodeo – much better, more people better action as it was the finals. It was the same line up , and unfortunately the same jokes.

We met a young local guy sitting next to us who had just finished 13 weeks at boot camp for the Marines; he lost 45 pounds while there! It was his first night out! They even announced it over the P.A.

Tonight in the Kids event a little girl got hurt – her lip was bleeding and they took her off to first aid. We were amazed there was only 1Kid!

Here are a few photo's of the 8 second bull ride but they are that good:

We had another great night, and we are pretty sure we travelled the furtherest  to be  there :

Tomorrow we are heading off to Alabama! This is the tail end of our trip now as we have to be back in Denver by the 22nd July - very sad!!!!!!!!!!!


Dave and Shell

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