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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our Memphis Afternoon

The Flying Saucer Bar.
Hi Everyone,

After our morning at Graceland we drove back to the motel and decided to walk downtown to get some lunch. We came across this great place called The Flying Saucer. The walls are lined with plates (saucers) of different colours that represent how many beers people have drank. I cant remember how many to earn the first colour – but it was a hell of alot! Judging by how many were up there, there must be some heavy drinkers in town!

One thing that surprised us was that this bar had just become 100% smoke free – good for us! As around town there are actually signs advertising they allow smokers.

We had a really nice lunch and played a few games of Pool – Dave won!


After this we made our way to the Memphis Rock and Soul Museum. This was really interesting, they had lots of displays to look at plus you got a headset with commentary for everyone.




Dave checking it all out!

Checkout all these Jukeboxes and Radio's:




They even had a few walls dedicated to the Beatles:


We really enjoyed our time in Memphis now off to Nashville.

Cheers Dave & Shell

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