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Our American Travels
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Driving through Virginia to North Carolina

Today we headed off from Nashville into Virginia on our way to North Carolina. We had a pretty good run on the freeway - most of it was lined by very tall trees. The traffic  started to build up closer to Virginia

So after having lunch in Abingdon we decided to get off the freeway and take a more scenic route, Glad we did the scenery was beautiful:





It was just beautiful - especially in the car with the aircon on as it was another hot, humid day. Then we crossed the border into North Carolina - some of the States are not very far apart.

The scenery continued, we passed pine plantations:

Corn Fields

This amazing Willow tree

Wouldn't it be wonderful living here?

We spent the night in Elkin, North Carolina and tomorrow heading off to South Carolina.

Cheers Dave & Shell

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