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Sunday, July 3, 2011

New York - again!

Hi everybody,

Well we had a good run from Washington back to New York. We dropped a few of our fellow travellers at various airports before going to our motel. We arrived about 3.30pm and settled in our rooms. Dave and I had 1 1/2 days of free time and the weather was fabulous - much better than our first impression of New York!
We had our receipt for Sister Act which started at 7.00 and we had to be at the theatre by 6.30 to pick up the tickets.  I had asked how to get there and was told it was an easy walk straight up the next street. So we headed off around 5.15 all dressed up for our first ever Broadway Show - 30 blocks and an hour later we got there!!!!!!!!!!My feet were killing me - high heels are not made to walk 30 blocks!

We got our tickets and went into the show. It was fabulous, but they didn't sings the songs that they did in the movie - all new songs! But their voices and costumes we incredible!We thoroughly enjoyed it.

When the show finished and we walked outside I knew that there was no way I could walk 30 blocks in my boots again, so we found the newest tourist shop and I brought a pair of "New York" thongs - very stylish :)
But my feet loved them!

So then we were able to walk back just enjoying the sights - and believe me there is alot to see. It was 11pm on Tuesday night and there were people everywhere. We were amazed how pedestrians just walk out in front of cars ALL the time on red lights! It is unbelievable that we didn't see anyone get hit!
Taxi's are everywhere and drive like lunatics! So we were happy to walk!

We got back to the motel around 11pm totally exhausted.

On Wednesday we had booked a 5 1/2 hr tour around New York, but we had to walk the 30 blocks again to catch the tour bus - this time we wore runners!
First stop was Central Park and we stopped at John Lennons Memorial - It is just a tile mosiac on the ground as Yoko didn't want a statue that birds would "crap" all over!

Plus she still lives in there apartment that overlooks the park and she didn't want to see him from here window!

Next stop Rockefeller Centre:

Then the Empire State Building:

Then it was off to Pier 17 to catch the Zehpyr for our ride up the Hudson:



We got some nice city shots from the boat:



But our main reason for this cruise was to see the famous lady " The Statue Of Liberty"

Then it was back to shore and on the bus for our last stop, the World Trade Centre:

As you can see there is still plenty of construction happening. The guide told us a few facts about that terrible day - 1 fact that I didn't know is that they only identified 59% of the missing people! This September 11 marks 10 years since that tragic day!

Here are a few photo's of New York City:


 After the tour we had to get back to the motel and get changed for next Broadway Show Mamma Mia.

We arrived back in Broadway about 6.30pm and our show started at 8, so we had dinner at nearby restaurant. Then we went to the show - WOW it was fantastic, better than the movie - except of course I didn't get to see Pierce Brosnan or Colin Firth :(  We all sang along to the songs and had a ball!
It finished around 10.30 and then we walked to the Rockefeller Centre to see the city lights from the top - as last time we were in town it was overcast, tonight was perfect!
It cost $22ea to go to the top - they call it the top of the rock! It was rather cold and windy up there but boy was it beautiful!





 I am really glad that we had these extra couple of days in New York as I didn't get a really good impression the first time. But I certainly wouldn't want to live here - way to fast paced for us!

We left the next morning for Denver via Chicago. We got to the airport 2 hours early only to find out that our plane was delayed 2hrs! After finally getting on we were abit concerned if we would make our connecting flight! When we landed we rushed through the terminal to get to our gate only to find out that it to had been delayed an hour! But atleast we had time to rest and have lunch.
We landed in Denver at 9pm - Just after a thunderstorm had gone through - so we were pretty glad we got held up!
We are now spending the weekend with Jas and Jo, which includes the 4th July! Party!!!!!!!!!

So bye for now,
Cheers Dave & Shell - with Bundy, Jas got some more for us on a trip back to Oz!

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