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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nashville Tennessee

Bar in Downtown Nashville
We had a good run into Nashville and arrived around 11.30 am and tried to find the Visitor Centre – Which we did but finding parking was a fair bit harder. When we did find some it was a flat rate of $7 – on a Saturday!

Nashville Visitor Centre

We walked back to the visitor centre and spoke to a very helpful gent about accomodation and things to do. He advised us not to stay Downtown as it was rather expensive – Hoilday Inn was $239 per night! He said to stay out near the Grand Opry which was about 10 miles out.

We figured we may as well look around before we head out of town. So we checked out all the tourist shops on the main strip:

We actually had more sightings of Elvis here than in Memphis - he was everywhere!


Even on the roof!

We had a look around the Charlie Daniels Museum:


Then we had a great lunch at The Big River Restaurant:

Then we headed out of town to find a motel. We chose the Holiday Inn Opryland - $139 (alot better)

We checked in and decided to have a few drinks before dinner. Next door was a place called The Nashville Palace – we decided to go there for dinner.

They have live Country & Western Music:

The steak was wonderful the Music great and we had a few more drinks and stayed till midnight!

Yes we were rather ill the next day!

Far too sick to spend hours walking around museums, so we just had a restful day checking out a few shops.
The first place we went to was the outlet mall but there was a major flood in Nashville last year and it went right through the shops and they haven't opened up since. As have alot of buildings.


 This shop was also flooded but they renovated and reopened  "Outdoorworld" – we have seen a few of these but never got into one –  We chose to check this one out and another WOW!

Checkout the Decor:


It was amazing, everything for outdoors – American Style. Including Lots of Guns!!!!!!!!!!!!

Couldn't resist!
 Look at the Mannequins:


Dave thought we should get one of these to tow behind the Van!

On the way back to the Motel we spotted "Cooter's" For those of your that remember the TV Show Dukes of Hazzard - you would love this. It is a museum dedicated to the show and they even have reunions!

And right next door was the Willie Nelson Museum:



By this time we were very tired so it was back to our room for a rest.
We wanted to see the show at the Grand Ol Opry but the next show isn't until Tuesday so we are heading off to Kentucky for a day and then coming back for the show.

Dave & Shell

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